Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My man. Nuf said.

His first set of headshots :)


Anonymous said...

such a cutie pie!! have you figured out who the dad is yet??

Dee said...

Well...JA (punk)...I think it's you based on a lot of things...but not looks ;)

You truly are a pain in the ass-tronaut.

Anonymous said...

He's not gonna be your 'cash vacuum' much longer...he's gonna be your super-model meal ticket! Cha-Ching! He is the cutest!!!

Kacky said...

Is he the most adorable lil man ever! No, I'm not a partial grandma either. Better take all the cute lil pics while ya can cuz I sure do see a lot of mischievous "Uncle Zac" in there!:)