Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Preventative Post

Taking pics of Tripp this afternoon and found it only right to post a few of Anna Lynn that were taken this weekend. I'm preventing nasty emails from family regarding the fact that I post more pictures of Tripp than Anna. I get them everytime I post pictures of Tripp. So, just covering my toosh...and sharing some pretty pics of my pretty girl.

I've found it's easier to prevent problems than to try solving them. Especially with MY family (whom I love very very moocho-mondo much :)

...and fyi to my family...the top pick is the reason I post more pictures of Tripp than Anna...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He can't help those irresistable lashes & lips, something every little girl should've gotten. And yes he does work the camera! Anna was the test baby & burned out by the time mommie was ready. But I must say she's Kacky's 1st lil star & heart & is an awsome subject to photo. She's gorgeous. Notice her resemblence to Uncle Zac?