Friday, October 24, 2008

Last Call for Halloween Quick-takes!!!

As we're winding down, we realized we still have a few slots open for Halloween quick-takes next week! We're finishing all that is on the books before closing shop, and this is the last set of quick-takes until further notice. Please refer to the link below for all the details.

I'd post a pic, but we're off to Anna Lynn's fall festival! How fun is that going to be with everyone packed in the hallways and classrooms of her school since it's raining outside??? Loads and loads and LOADS of fun, I'm sure ;) Who wouldn't want to be packed in like sardines in a few small classrooms with a bunch of kids running around on sugar highs? JA BETTER be appreciative that I let him off the hook for "family" night to go hunting. I figured we both didn't need to suffer! Have a great weekend!


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mshuler61 said...

Where are the pictures gonna be taken?...I can't wait for more pictures!!!