Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Ok, so maybe it's not a scary pic...or is it? Anyway, we're wanting to capture your little one's "Boo-factor" this year with a Halloween quick-take special. They'll even get to trick-or-treat with us a day early with some goody bags. Please refrain kids from eating the sugar candy BEFORE the shoot please! We just supply the candy...parents deal with the after effects :) As with all quick-takes, space is limited and slots are filled on a first call/first served basis. Here's the details:

Date: October 30th
Time: Late afternoon (reserve your time by calling Ash at 850.590.9569)
Location: TBD
Package Details:
$50 sitting fee and best shot package- includes:
1 8x10
2 5x7's
1 sheet wallets

Additional prints may be purchased a-la-carte at regular price.

There is a prize to win for the best dressed trick-or-treater. But I'm not deciding that! You will! After quick-takes, I will post all final Boo's and Ghoul's (boy's and girls...sorry...I had to do it) to the blog in an online poll. Be sure to tell your friends and family to vote for your little one b/c if you win, your package will be free!


mesa said...

I'm there Dee! sign us up!!!

Kbroadway said...

Count us in too...Johnna will be 1 Nov 3 so this is perfect birthday shot :)
I will call Ashley now.
Kristen & Johnna

Alice said...

Left a phone message too. I'd like to do this with the 5 grandkids I have here. Thanks!