Tuesday, January 29, 2008


She. Posed. Today. A literal pause is needed between those 3 words for you to understand the extent of shock I was in at 4:00 this afternoon. I really wanted to try and get just one more picture for the online contest I'm entering and intended on taking a few pictures of Tripp (my lens magnet). As luck would have it, there were ducks in a nearby pond that apparently didn't know what sound a duck should make. So, Tripp felt the need to educate them, as he screamed "CACK CACK CACK....," over and over the ENTIRE time. His attention to me...GONE. So, while Tripp was teaching ducks, Anna Lynn stepped up and informed me that "she wanted to model." You go girl! My child that hates the camera (and me when I'm behind it) was the perfect little model today. Love you Anna Bugs and yes, you can sleep on the couch tonight for doing such a great job :)

Again, another "dark and moody" picture. Not my normal style, but sometimes you have to step out of the box, right? CACK CACK!!

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