Tuesday, January 29, 2008

HEADLINES: Thief Caught...Identity Revealed!

Here's the lowdown...I've recently bought new pens, new highlighters, new SD Cards, and other "things" that have been disappearing out of my office drawers and off of my desk. I've looked EVERYWHERE around my house and haven't found them. I've drilled my poor child and asked her...rather TOLD her to tell me where they are. She has no clue. I finally chalked it up as the "office ghost" until TODAY.

When I rounded the corner of the door of the office to check my email, THIS is what I see. The "office ghost" ...on TOP of my desk!!! Grabbed my camera took a snapshot. I've spent all of this time wondering WHAT happened to my stuff and...what-do-you-know...my smallest cash vacuum has been taking it! Mystery solved!!! Sort of. Now I just need to figure out WHAT he did with it and WHERE it all is!

Not the greatest quality picture, but enough to serve as "evidence." :)

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Patricia Stuever said...

LOL that's SO funny. My office is gated so I can still see the kids and MOST of the time they can't get in. Do you have floor vents? We get all kinds of things in ours. Hope you found them.