Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Knox = 3 months

When you have one child, you wonder if you could love another child as much.  Well, you do.
When you have two children, you wonder if you will be more stressed with three.  Well, you're not.  The stress level maxes out at just learn to accept the fact that you've officially lost your mind.  You deal.
When you have three children and another on the way, you begin to wonder what causes them.  Well, you learn.  Then you forget again.
When you have four children AND another on the way, you wonder if it's possible to grow a third arm.  Well, you do.  You just can't see it, but I do.
When you have five children, you officially lose your sanity.  Your time.  Your money.  Your makeup.  Your toothpaste.  Your keys.  Your to-do-list.  Your everything that once was no longer yours.  It ALL belongs to the little beings you created.  The little beings you have been blessed with.  And really, just really, none of that other stuff stated above really matters.

What matters to me is that I have had the privilege of spending the past 3 months getting to know this little man.  Knox.  Though the past 3 months have been an understated form of crazy, he has been my "happy place" throughout the day.  All of the kids combined have sent me on an around the world trip from my "happy place" to places I'd rather not admit.  To places they probably would rather me not go to anymore.  Nah.  Well, yea.  But, at the end of the day, I'm always brought back to where I belong.  Where I want to be.  Piled up with not one, not two, not three, not four, but 5 cool kiddos who have rocked my world in a pretty dog-gone good way.

So, here's a happy three month shout out to Knox.  Love you little man!!!

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