Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dramatize THIS, Palmers!

So, I'm watching Cake Boss on TLC. Love that show. Commercial comes on. I'm not normally one to watch commercials, but I did notice that it happened to be an advertisement for Palmers Cocoa Butter for preventing stretchmarks. Hmmmm. Might be worth watching. Not sure why, as I have plenty of them from both kids. Kindof attached to them by now, but wouldn't mind keeping more at bay.

Of course, the commercial starts out with the perfect pregnant woman. Gorgeous hair, gorgeous skin, nice outfit. Far from my pony-tailed hair, no make-up, sweatshirt, leopard print fleece pj pants, and "boots with the fur" slippers (as Logan calls them). Ok, that's MY choice to look like poo. I won't continue to harp on that.

That, alone, is enough already to make any exhausted pregnant woman feel less than desirable. THEN comes the low blow. The Palmer people decide to show a pregnant belly with a couple of unsightly stretchmarks...with the word DRAMATIZATION at the bottom of the screen.

Well, Palmer People, let me tell you, if you think that belly is a dramatization of stretch marks, I'd love to know what you call my large family of stretch marks. "Mutilation?" "Broke Beyond repair?" "Oh-SNAP, look at those?"

...So, Palmer People, you can keep your Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream and your silly commercial. I'll keep my stretch marks. All 78 of them. The ones on my stomach, the ones on my sides. And the ones on my hips that no bathing suit will ever cover up. Why? Because they are proof that I was blessed with two...going on three...little ones that I would GLADLY take over a smooth-perfect-skined belly any day.

Keep your dramatizations to the pregnant gals who were lucky enough to escape pregnancy battle scar free.

Thank you very much.

From a...for a split second possible customer...but not anymore,


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Becky Shuler said...

Love it...and I totally agree! And just so you know, I tried that stuff with my first pregnancy and it DIDN'T help! So don't waste your money! I have stretch marks too, quite a few of them, but I'm proud I've had the opportunity to be a mother and bring my babies into the world and I earned my "stripes"!