Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Murphy's Law #368

Stopped up toilets encourage in-the-process-of-potty-training toddlers to actually use the potty...and flush...

He didn't use the potty ALL DAY. Hence the multiple pairs of size 3T underwear piled in the washer. But when I later discovered the toilet was completely stopped up, he decides that "it's time."

You know, it's like those dog whistles that humans can't hear...I swear that clogged toilets send out some sort of enticing come-hither noise that attracts children.

I may never find out exactly why it happens, but at least it is one less pair of undies I have to wash today. Instead, I get to wash an entire load of toilet water towels. Yippee. Yi. Yay.

...but good job T-man for FINALLY making it to the potty!!!! Love you buddy :)

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