Friday, February 13, 2009

House W...

...onder Woman
...hat did I sign up for?

Although Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I'm feeling a little less than "love" today. Not exactly sure why. Maybe because I forgot to take my happy meds this morning. Maybe because I came home to a porch filled with shredded pine cones and trash. Thanks, Tahra. Maybe because...well...I have a right to have days like this.

I speak for all house wives today. It's not glitz and glam. It's not all, "Honey, I'm home!!!" It's hard many days. It's physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. So, as a tribute, I took my inner "blahs" and turned them into a portrait of what I feel represents a House Wife. I'll explain...

1) High Heel Shoes: We're expected to look good and be sexy because we have **time** to, right?
2) Pot: We're expected to have a hot meal ready most nights
3) Broom: We keep the floors/house clean
4) Dirty Shirt: We do laundry and laundry and laundry and...well...more laundry
5) Dirty Knees: Anyone with little ones at home knows you spend about as much time on your knees as you do your feet. How else can you build lego houses or clean up spilled milk that created it's own river underneath the refrigerator?
6) Yes, that's a Barbie under my foot. That actually felt really good. I can't stand her. Not only do I find her 20+ clones scattered throughout my house on a daily basis, but she is so perfect. Too perfect. So, to sit here and say I don't crack a little smile when I find that Tripp has popped her head off, I'd be lying. :)

Ya know, I actually feel better getting all of that out. After all, is a whole lot cheaper than therapy :) Completely kidding! Hope you guys have a great Valentines Day!



Anonymous said...

... and you're a housewife that can't count or type numbers either. Take your happy pill next time!!!! :O)

Dee said...

...and this is true..

Typo fixed.

Ash said...

I love you Dee!!! I hope you have a good weekend. Keep your chin up! Love the house wife! All that is missing is the computer where we are also expected to bring home the bacon!!!

Anonymous said...

no wonder anna was late.... now i see the light!! and thats why God made wine and hot tubs!!!!!!!!!!

Lea Whittaker said...

This is great!!! You are very creative and if that is you in the pic you are a housewife that works hard to look good because I would die for your legs:)

Aunt Janet S said...

Dee, you are a hoot! I am a blog junkie for you. So...creative. Keep em coming please. :-)