Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ber's Offspring

Yes, my BFF and I had our boys one month apart. How cool is that? How cool is it that when our little guys were around 3 months old, she called in complete panic to tell me she was pregnant again. Wasn't real "cool" then, but it is now. Cool in the fact that our little men enjoy playing together. What's not cool is trying to extinguish two two-year olds' tantrums because they both want the "baseball bat" which is really a golf club while the 18 month old is screaming because he has put a handful of dirt in his mouth.

Thank you, Lord, for the invention of vasectomies. Thank you.

Amber, I'm thinking the girls' cruise can't come soon enough.

Also, thank you Jinger for taking Anny Lynn to church with you guys this morning! She had a blast! Had it not been for you taking her, I think we would have lost our minds from dealing with one more child today. Thank you thank you thank you :) However, Anna's sugar high from the cupcakes YOU SENT HOME more than made up for her absence earlier today. They were quite delicious, though ;)

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Anonymous said...

My pleasure!! I wouldn't know what to do with three boys!!
Sugar highs are a right of passage for little girls! ;)