Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"I a wed-neck..." is Tripp's new phrase thanks to his Daddy AND thanks to a fall off of our couch yesterday that resulted in his front tooth chipping in half. How he chipped it from a "couch fall" is anyone's guess. My once "pretty" boy, now looks like he should walk around in a shirt with holes, high-water jeans, and socks with flip-flops. I'm thinking dental insurance may be a good idea after all.

He is, however, the cutest wed-neck I've ever seen :)


KYLIA said...

That's okay Dee, he's still got those lashes (of which I am so jealous of!!!)!!!

Heather said...


Atleast he still HAS his teeth. Reece fell back in July and busted all four of his front teeth out. G.O.N.E.! Well, gone until his permanent teeth start growing in. Talk about "wed-neck"! We've gotten used to our little toothless terror though and even think he may be a little bit cuter with no front teeth! :) Tripp is precious, chipped tooth and all.

Take care,
Heather Parramore

Erin said...

My goodness look at those eyelashes!!! I was so stuck on those gorgeous eyes, I wouldn't have noticed the tooth had you not pointed it out ;) You've got a good looking little "wed-neck", Dee.