Friday, November 28, 2008


F. L. O. R. I. D. A. S. T. A. T. E.

Florida State

Florida State

Florida State


Noles Vs. Gators tomorrow @ 3:45...


Yea, we're probably going to get clobbered, have 52 penalties called on us, and drop some ball that even a 2 year old should have caught, but we'll still have a great time pretending that...somehow..someway...there is a smidgen of hope that we will prevail. We'll have fun none-the-less :)

BTW, anyone else about to throw-up from round 2 today of post-Thanksgiving dinner? Ash, it's gonna be killer at the gym Monday morning...uggghhh... We'll need motivation like never before. Wait, I just calories don't count. They don't get absorbed. It's a medical fact*** Yeah! ;)

***These statements have not been approved by the FDA. Be gluttonous at your own risk.

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Ash said...

Yeah, my 12 layer cake alone was enough to put me over the edge! If I told you how many sticks of butter were in the entire Thanksgiving meal, you might get a blood clot just hearing about it!
I have my friend, Paula Deen, to thank for that!