Friday, October 10, 2008

Hanging It Up... pun intended. I've made a decision...and I wish I could say it was a hard one, but it's hang up a "closed" sign for the business through the beginning of next year or until further notice.

I feel so blessed to have opened this business and watch it grow. To be honest, in the beginning, there was no intent to even start a business. Between pic requests that extended beyond friends and the push from those around me to "do this on the side," somewhere in-between my life became a whirlwind! It was MOST DEFINITELY an all consuming whirlwind and one of the greatest, craziest, most fulfilling, and EXHAUSTING ;) experiences of my life.

One of the greatest "things" I have gained from this venture is a host of friends I have made throughout the past year. I feel so blessed to have met each one of you. There is, however, one person I met that has been a saving grace in my life. That's Ash. The one behind this madness that has become "our" business. I say "our" because if not for Ash, I couldn't have done this. If anyone ever tells you that things don't happen for a reason, they need to walk a mile in my shoes. I met Ash last year at her maternity session and the rest is history. Not only has she been here for the business, but to have a friend who's parent also battled a brain tumor like my Dad, gave me so much comfort when I was scared out of my mind about what was/is going to happen with Daddy. So, Ash, a million thank you's, girl, for ALL you've done :)

This all comes at the "almost" end of a crazy year. A hard year at times. A good year at times. I need some down time. Time to reflect on my life. Time to be here for my Mom, my Dad, Michelle, and my little bundle of sweetness...Rosalina. Despite all the hard times we have had this year, my life is wonderful in so many ways, and I need to stop and focus on ALL THE WONDERFUL things I have...the 3 most important being my wonderful husband and two beautiful children...who keep me young and make me age well beyond my years all at the same time :)

SO, if you've read to this must not have much to do you bunch of slackers...j/k!!! Here's the "abouts" of what's going to happen with the business. We will be finishing all sessions that are currently on the books. As for booking new sessions, that's got to hold off for awhile. All current customers will be be taken care of and prints from past clients will be available for purchase through the end of the year. If you have a wedding in the works for next year, please email us as we are still booking weddings for 2009.

That's it folks! It's been a ride! But all rides must stop at some least for little while...right? I will continue to post pics and "stuff" to the blog which has somehow become an open book to my life. So, for all of you who check it regularly, I promise there will be plenty to keep you updated. You'll soon learn the ins-and-outs of my life like never before, if you're interested ;)

I want to thank John Allen for supporting me in ALL ways. You are my rock. My best friend. The calm in my MANY storms ;) Thanks for putting up with a dirty house and my "all night-ers at the computer" over the last year. I love you JA and YOU are the master FINK! (people, don't ask ;)

Anna Bams and Troops, Mommy loves you more than anything. Please forgive me for putting you on the back burner for the last year. Well, Mommy's back! ...and with an even greater appreciation of how much you mean to me. It makes me sad to see you both growing up so fast, but I also realize how blessed I am to be here to watch you grow...something I've taken for granted lately. You guys mean more to me than you'll ever know.

Last, but not least, I thank God for ALL he's given to me and my family. I've learned to lean on Him more throughout this past year than any other time in my life. I think this last year has been a sign from Him to slow down a bit...ok...maybe a LOT. So, that's what I'm doing.'s all becoming a little more clear... :)

...leaving a song from one of Zac's fave singers...miss you Z...

...until next time...


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Amanda Prince said...

Good Luck and enjoy your break, you're in my thoughts! :)