Sunday, September 14, 2008

All Dogs Go To Heaven... what we had to explain to the kids this weekend after coming home Friday and finding that Beau Beau was no longer with us. Not an easy thing to do, but it's a concept Anna has grasped in the last few months which makes it easier to explain, yet harder for her to accept.

We're not sure what happened to him. When I left home on Friday he was fine. When I returned after a LONG afternoon of getting in/dealing with yet ANOTHER car accident, I found him in his kennel outside, and he was gone. A horrible ending to an already bad day. Something I've come to realize is that everything happens for a reason. I don't know the reasons and it's not my place to question them, I guess. It's hard not to, though. I can question a lot of things. What if I wasn't "in the wrong place at the wrong time" with the accident and got home earlier...what if I didn't put him outside...what if, what if, what if... It's also hard picking up Beau Beau's toys scattered through the house and finding things of ours that he "stole" and managed to make them completely unusable :) But, that's ok. They are little reminders of him and he'll always have a special place in our hearts.

So, Beau Beau, we will miss you. I'll miss you keeping my feet warm at this dumb computer during the day, but most of all, we'll miss you being here and being a happy part of our family. So, RIP Mr. Beau Beau.

***I know you guys get tired of reading my life story, but THIS IS my dumping grounds for the crazy events in my life. So, bare with me, folks :)

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The Newell Family said...

My heart goes out to your family. I know the loss of a pet is a horrible thing to go through. It takes a while to accept, but in time - your heart will heal and you will be able to cover that hurt with fun family memories.