Monday, June 23, 2008

Mr. T

Quick note: I will not be able to have photo shoots during July 14th through August 14th for personal reasons. Not to worry though...they are GOOD personal reasons ;)

For those of you with newborn shoots coming up during that time, we're still gonna get pics of the itty bitties. Don't worry. I know you can't "hold them in" until after August 14th...or can you??? :) Can't wait to meet the little guys and girls!!!

On that note of babies...I have MY OWN special bundle of joys to look forward to July 28th and August 15th. Well, they're not MINE exactly, but both my sis-in-laws are due on those dates. JA's sis is due in July and Zac's wife is due in August. You can bet that although there will be no sessions during that time, there will be LOTS of pics to post!!! Some really special times ahead for us :)

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