Thursday, June 5, 2008

Downtown Getdown

Wow! Almost forgot what it felt like to post sneak peeks! Feels GOOD!!! I'll admit...I'm SO behind on work right now that it stinks. But it's nice to start posting pics for everyone to see that I am ACTUALLY getting some things done LOL!

Alicia, thanks for being patient on getting these posted. You guys were SO much fun to work with and what a gorgeous family you have. Hope you enjoy these 'cause there's a lot more to come...

...which leads me to tell EVERYONE that my family and I are heading to the beach Saturday for a week for some MUCH needed R&R. It's my summer vacation (Woo Pee!!) and comes at the perfect time as I need to mentally and physically regroup from a crazy last few weeks. No better place to that than spending all day laying on the beach and relaxing on the boat...ahhhhh :) SO, if anyone emails me, please don't be offended that I do not respond. Ashli will hold down the fort until I return so please send all emails to All phone calls should go to 850-590-9569. The downside to this is that proofs will be postponed for another week. But I PROMISE I will make it up to you guys waiting on proofs :) Promise! Have a great weekend everyone!

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