Friday, May 30, 2008

A Time to Thank...

Never thought the first post after Zac's would be this difficult, but the reason for this post makes it much easier. I want to first thank SO many people for the numerous phone calls, emails, posts, kind words, and prayers throughout these last *almost* two weeks. Yep, can't believe it's been almost two weeks since we lost Zac. *sigh* To list you all by name would be near impossible. You all know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A hundred eighty million trillion thousand seventy four (as Anna Lynn would say :) thanks to my hometown of Bristol for ALL of the unconditional support during the week of Zac's search and rescue. Words cannot express the gratitude my family has for all of the support we had from you from the time we arrived at the landing on Monday night. So many of you never left our side throughout those unthinkable 2 and half days of searching for my brother. It would have been unbearable if not for you all. The laughs (yes there were laughs :), the hugs, the "talks," the RV's that were brought out for us to stay in, the air conditioning units that were set up to keep us cool, and the meals that were prepared for everyone all helped us make it through that week. I may live in Tallahassee, but my heart and "home" will always be with the amazing people who are ALL my friends and family in Bristol.

Another HUGE thank you to the Liberty County Sheriff's Department, Leon County Dive Team, Gulf Search and Rescue, Bay Search and Rescue, Paulo (the search and rescue dog)and last but not least all of you who graciously brought your boats and yourselves to help find Zac. We are forever grateful to you all. I don't know that we could have moved on near as easily if his body had not been found. I want everyone to know that these people never gave up hope in finding him. I have never witnessed as much comradery, determination, and a genuine sense of wanting to help others as I witnessed from all of these groups two weeks ago. Thank you. Because of you, that week will not be remembered as the worst week of our lives, even though it was, but rather as a week that we realized just how good the true human spirit is and just how many friends and family we...and Zac...have.

Please check back tomorrow for an important post for a charity raffle for the Bay and Wewa Search and Rescue Teams. These guys are a not-for-profit organization and need all of the help they can get. Stay tuned for details....

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