Saturday, June 28, 2008


Why is it that I the one thing I enjoy in life, second to my family, is photography...HOWEVER my daughter thinks it is the devil? I birthed her. I carried her for 9 LARGE (yes I was large) months. I've been with her 24/7 since the day she was born and THOUGHT I instilled my values in her. Somehow she still HATES the camera.

In an attempt to take pics of her in a rare "ballerina" mood, camera-tude once again resurfaces. SO, Anna Bams, this is your "I love you" post with some less than happy pics. But this is YOU. Any other picture would not represent the true you when my camera's strapped to my side. UNLESS I had a pack of Skittles to bribe, but...well you know how it goes. Love you sweet girl. And let's play Ariel again today like we did yesterday. I love it when you play the Ariel that lost her voice, sweety. You play it so well. Let's play it ALL DAY today ;) (no that does not make me bad Mom. It makes me a Mom who uses "make believe" to her advantage ;)

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Cayla said...

I understand about hating the camera! My little Zac doesn't really hate the camera, but when my mom wants to take pictures of him he wants to do it his way! He doesn't cooperate with her very well and she gets very frustrated!