Saturday, May 10, 2008


Before I start, I must say that the moment I saw Janice, I knew her bridal shoot was going to be a success. Put a beautiful girl in front of the camera and your shoot is bound to be a success.

However, we had a few "issues" along the way that I hope are not a sign of what's to come in Janice's upcoming marriage ;) j/k Janice!! We dealt with bugs stuck between fabric on her dress and a snake that pretty much freaked all three of us out. To top it off, her dress broke! in would not zip up in the back. So in between holding her dress on the entire session, dealing with yucky icky wildlife and the humid weather, I was very pleased at how well the shoot turned out.

***check out the pick of Janice's best friend trying to fix the dress...this summarizes the entire shoot

Janice, you're a great sport and any girl that can "work it" in front of the camera while inconspicuously holding up a 10 lb wedding dress is a true model in my book!

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