Friday, April 18, 2008

My Lovely Day

You know, I really can't complain about much in life. I really do have a great one. But, some days just stink worse than others. For Let me narrate for you...

A ) Discovered...after something crunching beneath my feet...that I had stepped on and broken beyond repair my favorite sunglasses this morning. How did they get there? I'll give you TWO good guesses...and they were sound asleep when it happened.

B) While making a quickie snack for the two "sunglass suspects," Tripp decides to turn on a burner on our gas stove. Not just any burner...but the one where the package of Publix potato rolls sat. FIRE!!!! Bag and two rolls caught fire...I freaked...threw them in the sink...managed to save three rolls! However, the bag is charred on the front and is now endowed with three large burn holes.

C) I'm. Sick. Sinus infections are the BEST! Not. Hoping and praying to make it through my weekend sessions.

D) Nothing's worse than being sick...or not sick for that matter...and CRAVING your favorite chocolate candies...only for them to be GONE and the bag still there teasing you all the way until you get to it!!! If I find out who it was that did that...oooooooohhhhh SOMEBODY'S in trouble!!!!

E) Not pictured since you can't actually take a picture of something you don't have...I discovered today that my credit card is missing. Lovely.

I do have to add that a couple hours of my day were delightful thanks to Ashli and her playdate that she hosted. Wish you all could've seen the "monster sandwiches" she made for the kids. That alone was enough to make anyone having a puny day smile. Thanks Ash! More on Ashli in the next post...stay tuned ;)

Over all, I am very blessed just be here and be able to post. So, I can't complain too much...though it feels REALLY good just to get it all out!!! Hope everyone has a good weekend! And for those of you who have sessions with me...I'll try not to breath in your direction ;)

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