Sunday, April 20, 2008

Business News...

***Monster sandwiches, anyone?! If any of you read my previous post, you know what these are. I give credit to Ash for taking the pic...and making the sandwiches. Actually, these represent what I have looked like and felt like all weekend. BLAHH!

As I still recoup from what was a sinus infection that has now made it's way to my chest, I figured vs. laying in bed all day, I could at least drag my hacky self to the computer and finally update everyone on some exciting changes. Drumroll please...**cough cough** :)

There are going to be a lot of changes over the next year with the business. So, hopefully everyone will bare with me through it all! I'll list them in order of...well...I'll just list them...

1) I have an assistant now! Ashli...the monster sandwich maker...not only can cook and host great play dates, but is also going to take a huge burden off of me and run the business side of things. Things have gotten so busy, which is a good thing ;), that I need someone to take over everything that is NOT picture taking and editing. This will allow me more time to do what I do best...and I promise it's NOT the organization of the business LOL! So, when Ashli answers the phone, returns a call, or sends you an email, rest assured that I have not died and had someone else take over :) She gonna run this crazy show from now on!

2) Here's a BIGGIE for all of you inquiring about weddings. YES...I am going to start offering a limited number of weddings per year. We will be booking ONLY 1 wedding per month. So, if you really want us to capture your special day, please be sure and book WAY ahead of time to ensure your date. Wedding pricing is still in the works, but feel free to call for a quote. I MUST SAY that our wedding photography is very different from your typical wedding photographers, so if that fits your fancy and you want fun, contemporary wedding pics, give us a call!

3) I've had some requests for head-shots, fun/sexy (in a decent way of course!) self portraits, and prom dress (trash the dress) pictures. I have one trash the dress (wedding dress) session already booked as well as prom dress sessions. If you want to join in on the fun, please give us a call. We've got some great locations and are SO excited to do these shoots. We're up for almost anything you can think of! Fun FUN times!

4) I'm completely booked for the rest of April and May. We're now booking into June and July, so if you would like to get yourself on the calendar, it's better to call sooner than later.

5) Do you like contests? I do! So, we're going to have monthly contests here on the blog. May be a riddle. May have to guess what a picture is. You'll just have to wait and see! The first person to answer correctly in each contest will win a $100 print credit towards your session. So, keep a check on the blog for your chance to win!

6) We will be hosting mini quick takes once every couple of months for those of you who were not able to book in time for the March of Dime's quick-takes. The quick-takes were such a success, that we have decided to host these mini sessions more often. I will post dates closer to time.

7) I am SUPER excited to let everyone know that I have met with and will be contracting out my services to Studio Nine Twenty here in Tallahassee. They are a marketing communications company. I'm so excited to continue my venture into the world of commercial photography. SQUEEEE! Check out their site at

8) YOU ALL ROCK for making the start of this year even more successful than I expected. You've kept me busy busy and I wouldn't have it any other way. A big thanks to you all for allowing my dream to prosper and continue to grow. Now I'm off to bed...once beat the yucky yucky mess that's taken over my body this weekend. :) night night!

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