Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a...

Add one to Team Testosterone for the Kevers. number 5 is all boy...nothing less. I'd post his "undeniable" ultrasound pic, but it's a bit...well...immodest ;)

3 and 1/2 males in our household (the cat is I think that qualifies him in at 1/2)
4 females

However the numbers play out, we're beyond thrilled that we get to welcome a little boy into our home in a little less than 5 months. Can't even begin to tell you how thankful and blessed we are for another healthy baby on the way. Thank you, Lord, for ALL of our blessings!

...and as far as boys vs girls...

well...all I'll say is it doesn't really matter how many boys you add to the mix...there will be enough drama in about 10 years from the females in our home to run even the LARGEST Team Testosterone far far FAR away ;)

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