Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things that Make Me Smile

Some people base their happiness on their immaculate home.
I'm just happy when you can walk across my floor without tripping on a monster truck or having a milk-sogged froot-loop stuck to the bottom of your foot.

Some people smile because they drive the fastest, most expensive car.
Ok, so maybe I'm a wee bit jealous when a red 'vette flies past me on the interstate as I frantically search (one handed) for a napkin to fling across the length of my Tahoe to soak up juice that Tripp spilled in the back seat.

Some people base their wealth on the amount of money they have in the bank.
I'm just thrilled when there's enough in the account to make a much needed Walmart run.

What makes me happy...what makes smile...what makes me feel that I am blessed beyond measure...are these four little beings. Four little monsters. Four little beggars, mess makers, comedians, dancers, arguers, snuggle bugs, hug-givers, friends... These four kids are what make me smile each and every day. Sure, there are moments a smile is the farthest thing from my face. Particularly when I find my makeup covering my make-up table. But that's all part of it, I guess. But, these guys are my world. My life. I look at them and feel as if I have accomplished everything in this life that I was meant to do. I am beyond blessed for what the Lord has given to me.

So, when you pass me in your brand new car, I may be a little jealous, but just know that what I have INSIDE my ol' Tahoe is what makes me smile. (I'll just buy my new 'vette when I retire ;)

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