Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Say it fast. About 10 times. That's the sound of my car door locking. The sound I heard when I stepped out of my drivers side door...shut it...and walked around the car to unload Isla and Stella.

Here I stand. Helpless as I look at my keys in the car. As I glare at the spare key hanging off my diaper-bag that's sitting under Stella's car seat. Helpless as I look at my 5 month old sound asleep. At Isla smiling so big. Grinning ear to ear as she hits LOCK over...and over...and over... I guess that's cool if you're 18 months old.

I would like to thank Liberty County Sheriff's Department for your quick response. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have a sneaky suspicion this won't be our last 911 call. ***sigh***

Could be worse right? Could be like the time I locked myself in the car right after my c-section. Sitting in the back feeding the baby...pinned in between the car-seat and the doctor's office parking lot. How was I supposed to know the child safety lock was on that door? It works. I couldn't open it. Little did I realize that I couldn't climb over car seats easily with my stomach in stitches...literally. I beat on the window...screaming for help as people walked by. Hoping for just ONE nice person to open the door from the outside. You know that side glance people give when they try to avoid a situation? Yea. That's about all I got. 'Nuff bout that.

It's my life. Love it :) No really, I do. Thankful for each insane moment, because there are SO many wonderful moments mixed in there. The ratio of mix may be a little more on the insane side, but the good's in there none-the-less. And I couldn't ask for more...

...other than one extra spare set of keys...

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