Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Quick Takes

Two doc appointments accomplished with 2 babies...check
Walmart run after doc appointments...check
Pick older two kids up from school...check
Quick power nap while waiting in car for school to dismiss...check (yawn)
Unload groceries, unload babies, put up groceries, change diapers, feed babies, cook dinner, clean up from dinner, change poopy...check

Post {as promised} details for Fall Quick Takes...CHECK!!!
Location: My house, folks
Cost: $75
• CD with 2 digital images AND copyright for printing your images and cards
• 1 8x10
• Your images entered into a contest in December for chance to win an 11x14 pic of one of your images

To book your session, call my cell at 850-566-6946. Leave a message if I don't answer. Chances are I'm in the middle of a diaper change, feeding a baby, or just catching my breathe ;)
OR email me at


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