Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to the World Natia Estella

Not sure what I ever did in this life to deserve all I've been blessed with. All I know is that I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to be 150% in love with not ONE...not TWO...not THREE...but FOUR little mini-me's.

On June 10th, 2011, we welcomed Stella into our world. 7 pounds 4 ounces of pure sweetness. Not sure who she looks like just yet, but she couldn't be more perfect.

We love you Stella. We're so thankful that Heavenly Father has allowed us to have you in our lives. You have 3 brothers and sisters that love you very much. You have two parents that love you more than you will ever know. Stay strong in your faith. Stay positive. Enjoy life and have fun. Appreciate all you have been given. Endure all that comes your way the very best you can. And when you feel you can't, turn to your Heavenly Father for strength. Always ALWAYS know that your family loves you. ...and don't hold it against Isla that you both share the same birthday (one year apart)...and clothes...and shoes...and toys...and future cars... :) Love you baby girl! My sweet sweet baby girl.

Love eternally,
Mommy and Daddy


Becky Shuler said...

We love you, Stella! You are precious and perfect in every way! Dee, the pictures are gorgeous, as always. You have such a gift. Congrats to you and Logan. You sure do have some beautiful babies!

Kbroadway said...

Bless you all - wishing I had these photos from my babies who are 3 and 1 boo. She is precious and Trips going to be busy protecting all the sisters :) Congrats Dee - Love The Broadways

Kbroadway said...

God Bless you all - I wish I had these NB shots from my babies. Trips going to be a busy brother protecting all the sisters. Wishing you all the best Dee - Love the Broadways

Ash said...

God love her!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! You and Logan make pretty babies!