Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mrs. Gunter, Carrie Anne, and David, I had a blast with you guys yesterday. You were pros. Yes...even you David! It was so good to see you, Mrs. Gunter. We miss you! Wish we could pay you come over here to teach!!!


Janet Gunter said...

You have made my day...once again!! We had a blast yesterday. Love that sweet Anna and "big man" Trip! You do amazing pictues and to see my beautiful children captured so wonderfully melts my heart. Thank you so very very much!!!Can't WAIT!!! to see the rest!

Carrie Anne said...

awwww! thanks so much for posting these...we had so much fun with you and your precious children yesterday! you are so incredibly talented, i think these turned out beautiful. can't wait to see the rest of them :) you are the best!