Saturday, March 7, 2009

+ 1

Add another crash to Dee's list of vehicular I like to call them. Should have known too many months have gone by accident free. Yep, I rear ended someone today as a result of two kids screaming in the back seat for their McDonald's happy meals. It's like they think those dumb toys that come in kids meals will vaporize if they don't open them immediately. The second I took my eyes off of the road to dole out "crappy meals," my Tahoe introduced itself to the backside of an Acura.

I hate McDonalds today. I'm blaming my accident on them. Not because they are really at fault, but because I can. Because in some wierd way, the thought of that creepy clown makes me wanna smack that permant smile off his face. Whatever, dude. I'm gennerally a happy giddy person, but even I have my off days. I will give you credit, though, for your sweet tea. It is da bomb.

It's been quite a day. Quite a week. Quite a month. Sorry :)

Vent. Done.

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