Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Stop...drop...roll... Whatever Smokey Bear! Funny how those three words Smokey taught us in Pre-k somehow go right out the window when you're in the "heat" of the moment. My "heat" of the moment happened this morning.

If I could post a smell to the blog, I would right now. I would post the smell of my house at this moment. The sickening smell of human hair burning with a little hint of pumpkin spice candle. Here's how it all went down. All you're gonna get is a mental picture today...and trust me...you don't want the smell.

All is calm. All is quiet. Anna's at school. Tripp's asleep in the living room. I finally have a chance to catch up on work "stuff." As I'm working on the computer, I have my favorite pumpkin spice candle burning beside me (it calms me in the midst of my many daily storms). Well...it used to.

Along comes the dog. So long "calm." She jumps on the computer table and knocks over my cup of tea. Thanks Tahra. No biggie. I'll just clean it up, right? Remember Dee...NOTHING IS EVER "NO BIGGIE" IN YOUR LIFE. Should have known that my initial "cool head" wasn't going to last long.

My "cool head" turned into a HOT head real quick. Literally. Little did I know that as I was sopping up tea from underneath the printer, my hair was dangling over my candle. Out of nowhere, I heard something burning. You know that sound of paper when you initially throw it in the fire? That crinkly singeing sound? Yep. That's what I heard. Then I saw the flame. "Oh no!!!" I thought..."my desk is on fire!!!" Boy was I wrong. On second glance, I realized my freakin' hair was on fire.

So, after beating the side of my head with my hands for a few seconds, I managed to put the fire out. Smokey would be proud :) My hair is crinkly and singed, but that's ok. At least I'm alive, right? JA says I should have used hair spray to put it out. Something tells me he's not being sarcastic. After all, I do have life insurance on me and he does want a new boat.

Just another day. That's ok, though. When life hands you lemons, make lemonaid (with about 3 antidepressants crushed up in it :)


Charlotte Justine said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're not hurt!

Smokey would be very proud, indeed!

Lea Whittaker said...

That is scary! Hang in there girl, tomorrow is another day. That is what I tell myself daily :) What is the name of that antidepressant:)

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! I needed a good laugh. I can so picture this happening to you! I felt like I was there with you. Just missing the burning hair smell. You could write a book with all of the hilarious moments that happen to you. Miss you. Hope all is well. Julie

Dee said...

Char - Smokey is SO proud!

Lea - it's called Celexa and it's my best friend LOL :)

Julie - Ber and I want to come visit you soon! Yea, it happens. Who doesn't catch their hair on fire at some point in their lives, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Dee...can't tell ya how much I love ya and your blog.
So sorry...but, I can relate...I set my hair on fire at a rehearsal dinner for my best friend's wedding! The flames were almost as red as my blushing face.

Anonymous said...

Wow Aunt Dee! And you said my hair looks like it's on fire, but I bet it smells better than yours! My Papi said there'll be days like this with you, & well here we go again. Love, your little pudge-muffin Rosalina.

Anonymous said...

My precious little Dee, it's called genetics, genetics, genetics. Let's see, Granny Shepard, Nanny Barber, & oh yeh, ME!!! Sorry baby you don't have a prayer! :) Bet Zac was LHBO! Yep even Jesus has a since of humor & I'm sure they shared that one. Love ya girl,

Elaine said...

Dee, this rates close to when Jeri burned her eyeball with the curling iron.

Dee said...

Lain - I don't even want to know how she burned her eyeball LOL!

Mom and Mic - you just refer back to the text I sent you yesterday that had the word "moon" in it ;)

Jeri Flowers said...

Hey Dee, I can explain how I burned my eyeball with a curling iron. It was a scientific experiment and i proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the hand really is quicker than the eye!
Love you, Jeri