Thursday, December 11, 2008

John Deere Coke

I love how my kids see the world. I wish I could see it through their eyes. Brooms would be high wire walks from couches to chairs. The toilet water would be a swirling ocean for helpless toys. Walls would be the worlds biggest drawing board. You get the picture. I'm just thankful that, through their wild imagination, they allow me to see things differently.

So, thanks to Tripp today, I learned what Sprite really is. It's "John Deere Coke." Yep. Apparently he found the stash of Sprite JA brought home yesterday. You'd have thought he found gold. "Yuke, Mommy, I dot John Deere coke!" I guess the yellow writing on the green can gave it away AND we all know that green+yellow=John Deere. Right? Bet you never noticed that little detail, did ya? Wonder what I'll learn tomorrow? :)

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Ash said...

God bless him! So precious...