Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tahra - (ahra) + (ouble) =


Computer savy folks may recognize this as a USB cord. You are correct. It's the USB cord from my external hard drive that contains every single one of my pictures...that includes client pictures. Tahra discovered it this afternoon and it's now in two pieces. It's history. Thanks pup! I apreciate it! It's not enough that you shred paper, destroy shoes, de-head Anna's barbie dolls, eat and poop crayons, and even steal our pillows at night... But, we can't stay mad at you for long. After all, how can you resist a face like this? :)


AmandaPrince said...

hahaaaa! Rotten... I swear God makes kids and pets cute so we don't kill them or sell um, or something. LOL. Those cords are really universal though. I use the same cord for my harddrive, camera, printer, ect. So you might a have a spare around. See if your nikon USB cord fits. :)

Dee said...

Yea, I went to Target at lunch and bought one! Thank goodness for the dude that came up with "universal" cords!