Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Christmas for You!

I've got something you guys may want. Full resolution CD's from your previous sessions that include every one of your proofs along with a print release to print as many as you want on your own! Want one? Do ya do ya? All sessions will be disgarded from files at the end of the year. Gone. Nada. So, if you would like your entire session for the price of just a few prints, let me know and they will be all yours.

Price for the CD along with print release is $125. This enables you to use your images to print as many as you would like on your own. Great for Christmas gifts...hint hint. Call or email me if you are interested at or 850-566-6946.

***offer only applies to sessions in which prints have already been ordered. All other recent sessions with outstanding orders must purchase at least $300 in prints in order to purchase CD and print release.

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