Sunday, September 7, 2008


It's inevitable that this WILL be her least for us. It's what Tripp calls her and it's what he said all the way home tonight after a weekend at Kacky and PaPa's house with his cousin, Rona-Rina (aka Rosalina).

So, here's a few snippets from lil' bit's first official photo-shoot. She did so good and she's so precious and I'm not at ALL partial ;)

***notice the airborn patch on the upper arm of Zac's uniform. Here's a little story about that:
I pinned his wings on him during the ceremony in which each soldier is awarded their wings upon completion of jump school. It was neat b/c I've ALWAYS wanted to skydive, but haven't gotten around to it...yet. Before jump school, you could not have paid Zac to jump out of an airplane. I wish I had a video of his face when we all rode the sling shot in Destin a few years ago...sorry were pretty pitiful for those 45 seconds :)

Anyways, my brother completed something that I've always wanted to do, and something I would have bet my toosh he would have never done...and I got to pin his reward...his wings...on him. I have to say that for those couple of minutes spent trying to figure out how the heck to pin those suckers on, I was extra proud of Zac. He could be a pain in the butt, but he also made me proud to be his sister. It's a little something I'll always cherish.

Sorry, I just noticed the patch and it's late and I'm a little weepy so I'll shut-up now... :)


KYLIA said...

Those are just too precious for words! You have a talent that I will forever covet!!! :)

Miguela Barber said...

Dee.....(wiping away tears) You did it once again. You've left me speechless and with a heart so full of joy yet sadness. I can't even being to tell you how precious these pictures are. I can say that I am thankful to have such a great sister who loves to share her talents with the most precious part of me....Rosalina.
Her daddy would just love them.

Jeri Flowers said...

Dee, I want an 8X10 of Rosalina and Zac's uniform. What a precious reminder of him and what Rosalina meant to him. You know I could just see him cradleing his little girl in his arms. You take my breath away. You're an artist. I wish every child whose lost a military parent could have a gift like this. How do we make that possible? I love you. Jeri

mesa said...

Dee- these pictures are INCREDIBLE. Rona-Rina is beautiful! I can't pick a favorite one, they are all so beautiful!

Laura Mills said...

I am blown away by the pics of Rosalina in Zac's uniform. They are absolutely incredible!!! What a great idea.

Anonymous said...


I am blown away by the pictures of Rosalina in Zac's uniform! They are incredible. And what a great idea that was!!!

-Laura Mills

Becky Shuler said...

Dee, those pictures are absolutely amazing! You really captured so many emotions in the pictures with Zac's uniform cradling Rosalina. He is watching over her from above and I'm sure he is really proud of you, his big sister!