Saturday, August 2, 2008

When it Rains... pours. Literally. It actually has been raining here most afternoons the last week. Explaining to two scaredy-cat kids that thunder is really the "angels bowling" only works until lighting starts popping right outside. Kind-of hard to explain THAT one LOL! But it is quite humorous watching them scream until they begin to freak each other out even more. Crazies :)

Never knew how true that saying was in reference to life until this year. But through all that's happened, I never knew just how much strength our family had until this year. I've also learned just how important my faith is and how, at times when you feel like there is no where else to turn, all you can do is trust in God that He WILL get you through life's trials. And some how...some way...he does.

That being said, Daddy is in Houston, Texas getting ready for his big day on Monday. He's having his brain tumor removed...or debulked...Monday morning. Hopefully this will relieve him of most of his symptoms and we can have our "old Papa" back. Dad, sorry, but there's no way they can fix ALL of YOUR issues LOL!! We're all looking for a good outcome and for Dad, some much needed relief. So, for all of you guys who read the blog, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask you to please keep him in your prayers. He's in the hands of some wonderful doctors and surgeons,as well as in God's hands, so we're looking forward to him coming home as "good as new." :) After all, he's got his final grand-baby on the way who should be here within the next couple of weeks. If she's anything like her father (Zac), we're DEFINATELY going to need Dad here to keep her in line ;)

Dad, WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW! You are...always have been...and always will be the biggest inspiration in my life. You've taught me so much over the last two years. Your perseverance through so many hard days has made me realize what a strong person you are. I've learned from you to NEVER give up. To push through whatever hurdles you face. To take what life gives you, accept it, and move on. "It is what it is." :) Thank you for being the person you are and for EVERYTHING else you do for us. Hurry home, Dad...Tripp NEEDS a tractor ride ;)


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