Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dog Days

The last-but-not-least member of our immediate family FINALLY made the big move in today. Beau-Beau (pronounced "BO-BO"...not sure why JA had to complicate the simplest name in American history, but, whatever) made his big move today to the new house. We've missed our Mr. Beau-Beau and we're so glad to have him back home :) He was a little stinky-poo, so we managed to bath all 80 lbs of him this afternoon. So, I thought I'd introduce you to a very active, sometimes smelly, always sweet, mostly listens, and ALWAYS loyal member of our family.

I baby pics today...but I spent most of the afternoon holding and enjoying "Rona-Rina" Tripp calls her LOL...and didn't even bother with pics. And I don't regret it ONE BIT!

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