Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'll be BACK.... about a week! To all of you guys who check the blog regularly, don't be surprised if you don't see any "action" here for the next week. Taking some personal time for a few days.'s baby season!!! So, you better enjoy the break b/c I've got LOADS of itty-bitty pics coming up during the next month. At least I'll get my baby "fix" since our shop is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS!!! ...well it will be in August LOL!!!

(poor JA...hee hee hee)

ONE MORE THING...I've run out of options for songs on the blog. If anyone can think of a cool spunky (g-rated :) song for the blog, leave me a comment and we'll put it up...with credit to you of course!

(Ber, don't even THINK about posting the song I KNOW you want to post LOL!!!)


mesa said...

okay song suggestions:
I'm really liking "Five Times August"
I like their songs :Owe it all to you and Better with You- check them out!

Alicia Hall said...

Song Ideas: Lucky by Jason Mraz, Sunshine Girl by Brit Nicole, Must of Done Something Right by Relient K.

Hope your back on your feet again soon.

Alicia Hall