Thursday, July 24, 2008

F Y I...

As our business grows, we change things up a bit to make things a little simpler here, and a little different there.

Don't freak out about's not as bad as it sounds! Beginning September 1st we will begin a new pricing structure. Print prices will stay the same, but session fees will change.

Session fees will increase to $300...BUT...and a HUGE BUT (not huge butt :)...that includes a built in print credit of $150. So, in reality, session fees will remain the same, but the upfront cost will be $300. So, when it comes time to order prints, you have a nice little "sort-of" surprise credit already available. Cool deal? For some, "yes," for some "no," but we're trying to make things run smoother on this end.

Also, look for a brand new wedding blog for showcasing some gorgeous brides and a complete listing of our wedding packages...which Ash has been BEGGING to get up so she doesn't have to rattle off prices over the phone anymore. This one's for you Ash ;) It'll be our special little area for brides-to-be and brides that got suckered into saying "I Do" to have a chance to look at sneak peeks.

My 15 minutes of holding up at the computer is to the recliner again ;)

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