Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tattoos and Thomas Shoes

My little man is growing up. He got his first tattoo today. Shhhh...Daddy doesn't know it yet ;) At least it does say..."Smile Jesus Loves You!" We'll see just how "washable" these suckers are come bath time. Had to share. The only tattoo I'll ever be ok with on my little man is one that says "I love Mom." Take THAT all you future girlfriends!!! I am the main lady in this little man's life :) j/k

...about the Thomas shoes...just know that there's a lot of stomping going around our house the last two days as Tripp wears off the excitement of his new Thomas Train light up shoes. With each stomp is a flash of lights...with each flash of lights is a squeal and more stomping...with each squeal and more stomping is an extra Tylenol I have to take before I throw the shoes far FAR away.

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