Sunday, April 13, 2008

Growing Up

I sometimes have to make myself stop...amidst the craziness and nonstop "stuff" in my take the time and enjoy one of the most important people in my life...Anna Lynn.

Sure, there's Tripp too. But there's also Anna Lynn. My first born. My "best friend." The one that gets looked over more than she probably should throughout the hustle and bustle of everyday life at our house. The one that I consider "old enough to entertain herself." As I spent some time with JUST her over the weekend (which was long overdue), I was quickly reminded of just how special she is to me. She is my clone. She is like me in every way. She has my eyes. She has my goofy clumsiness. We are stubborn and demand "our way" no matter the cost. Maybe that's why we fight so much!

So, this post is for my Anna Bugs. Mommy loves you more than words can say. You make me so proud each and every day and you are growing up way too fast, pretty girl. And always remember A-Lynn....WE COOL...(fists together)!! ;) I LOVE YOU!!!

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Carolyn Dyer said...

Holy cuteness!! I love that smile!She is getting soo big! Seriously this picture makes her look 8 already!!