Saturday, April 5, 2008


Oh boy I am ever behind on posting session pics to the blog. As I catch my breath from a whirlwind of craziness the last month, I will try to update the blog with the latest happenings and latest pics.

For starters, I'm revisiting an engagement session from last week that I'm just getting around to editing. These guys were one of the most beautiful couples I've photographed. The are bound to have some GORGEOUS babies! Although it took them a while to get used to the wall style, they loosened up and we got some beautiful shots. :) With a little nudge and a little push these guys were pros by the end of the shoot! Thanks Marlena and Joseph for the opportunity to work with you both! ...and yes...I am that crazy :) LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Dee, you are incredible! I can't wait to see the whole session. The one of Joseph kissing Marlaina, brought tears to my eyes. You really captured their love. THANK YOU!