Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Shot Myself

Not litterally! But I did takes some shots of my new "do" I got today. This Momma needed one heck of a makeover after dealing with sick kids the past two weeks...only to wake up this morning and learn that our household (everyone but me, might I add) had caught the nasty stomach bug that seems to be going around. So, I took a break from cleaning up "the nasties" to treat myself to a mini makeover. Alicia, I LOVE it. I feel so...ME again! You rock!


Anonymous said...

oooh...I love the new haircut!! Too bad I could never pull something like that off or I would be daring like you! Your expression in the second one is hilarious...looks like JA has done something wrong! hahaha!

Dee said...

thanks! hee hee at JA because he's done something wrong?? that's not a far off thought.... ;)