Monday, January 7, 2008

Me.Myself.I. My Life.

So, what does a photographer do when she needs a self portrait for her new website?

1) Give her best friend her ol' trusted camera that she normally FORBIDS anyone to touch...
2) Gives best friend a 5 minutes mini-lesson on focal points, metering, composition...since best friend is doing good just to know how to press the "button"
3) Load up the 4 kids between us and head off to the location..yea, we're crazy and WON'T do this again without a babysitter...
4) Friend somehow turns into "Nigel Barker" on America's Next Top Model and runs the photo shoot. I listen. I pose. I chase kids for a minute. I pose again. She fixes my hair and yells for me to "work it". I chase kids again. She takes a few more pic...and WA LA!!!

Ber, you ROCK! Didn't know you had that in you, but you can work with me any day! You are an awesome best friend and the sister I never had. Did I mention you're a quick learner too? Thanks a ton!

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