Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A new idea...a new project...a new product...as a result of needing to make tu-tu's for wee ones to wear during photo shoots, I came up with a fun new idea for anyone who is interested. I will be making adorable tu-tu's with your (or little one's ;)favorite football team colors. These are great for play or to use during photo shoots...hint hint!! Anyone a Nole fan...or "still" a Nole fan after this crazy season? If so, how about a garnet and gold tu-tu for little one to parade around in on game day? If orange and blue are your colors of choice, I guess I can painstakingly touch those colors to make yours! Ha! I will post a pic very soon.

Each Team-Tu is $25. If you are interested, please email me at corry_dee@yahoo.com. These are custom made so please specify your childs size and your team colors when ordering.

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